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About kitchen kraft
About kitchen kraft
About kitchen kraft

Sterlilisation Mixtures :

HELIOUS is a gas company dedicated to ethylene oxide (ETO) supply, pure and in mixtures with carbon dioxide, for the sterilisation of medical devices. Since 2019, HELIOUS operates near Dahej, Gujarat, a facility licensed for the blending and filling of ethylene oxide in a broad range of packaging type and capacity. Organisation was built upon combined expertises in the fields of industrial gases and medical sterilization.

HELIOUS management team is committed to :

What Is Ethylene Oxide :

EO Sterilization Applications

Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Applications:

Product :

We are offering wide range of qualitative ETO Gas Mixtures, These In addition to that, it is used in the process of Sterilization of Medical products. It is manufactured by using exact chemical composition.

Specifications :

Ethylene Oxide Diluent gas Flammability
10% 90 % carbon dioxide Flammable
20% 80 % carbon dioxide Flammable
90% 10 % carbon dioxide Flammable