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Metal coating spraying.

Helium is used as powder carrier gas for thermal spraying and cold spraying due its extremely high speed of sound and its chemically inertness. Thermal spraying and cold spraying, also commonly known as metal spraying is a surface coating processes where a wide range of metals and ceramics can be sprayed at great velocities onto the surface of another material to create metal coatings.

In addition the very high sonic velocity of helium makes your voice sound high pitched or squeaky after inhaling helium. Helium as powder carrier gas can be substituted by nitrogen..

Heat transfer medium in nuclear reactors..

Helium is used as heat transfer medium in the new generation nuclear reactors. Helium has several advantages as heat transfer medium. Helium has a very high specific heat and a high thermal conductivity, so that it is one of the most efficient heat transfer gas. In addition helium does not cause corrosion and it is radiologically inert (no radioactive isotopes).

Helium does not change aggregate state and it does not influence neutron multiplication factor. Nuclear plants with helium as heat transfer medium have higher efficiency and higher operating temperatures. Helium as heat transfer medium can be substituted by nitrogen.


Helium is applied in solar telescopes. The helium reduces the distorting effects of heat between lenses in some telescopes due to exceptionally low index of refraction and a high thermal conductivity. Helium can be substituted by using vacuum telescopes.

The application areas of helium are now explained in more details..