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Gas chromatography

Helium is applied as carrier gas and purging gas for gas chromatography, because helium is chemically inert and high purity. Chromatography is a collective term used for laboratory techniques to separate mixtures.

Chromatographs are widely used for qualitative and quantitative analysis in processes and laboratories. As carrier gas helium can be substituted by hydrogen or nitrogen.

Semiconductors manufacturing

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Helium is used as preferred protective gas due its chemically inertness and helium is used as cooling gas due its very high specific heat and thermal conductivity in semiconductor manufacturing. For example, helium is used as the sleeve in rods that create LCD screens.

Another example, during the processing of semiconductor chips helium is used as protective gas for flushing vessels. Furthermore helium is used as protective gas and cooling gas, when growing silicon and germanium crystals. Helium can be substituted by argon or hydrogen or nitrogen depending on its application.

The application areas of helium are now explained in more details..